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On the Way to the Airport Episode 6 Recap

There’s only so much one guy can take. Do-woo’s had to shoulder a lot of pain lately, and it doesn’t get any easier as he’s forced to start questioning everything he’s ever known. And while I am glad our main couple has integrated rules into their relationship, they might have to break a few to get through this one. I guess they’ll just have to set up a new batch of rules to follow.


Su-ah and Do-woo hide out in one of the traditional houses, though Do-woo doesn’t understand why they’re hiding in the first place – they didn’t do anything. Su-ah calms down a bit, saying, “Right. Why are we hiding?”

Do-woo then asks if her coming here really was a coincidence. Su-ah shuts down his idea of this relating to fate, insisting she came to find him. She knew Do-woo’s mother worked with preserving tradition, so Su-ah came with some expectation, though she was still shocked to discover that Do-woo was actually here (she believes he’s here for work, not that he lives here).

“So you really did come intentionally,” Do-woo notes, “I’m even more touched.” He smiles sweetly at her, his gaze so strong that it takes her a few seconds before she can look away.

Do-woo can tell Su-ah’s gotten a little uncomfortable again, so he opens the window to ease the tension. Su-ah admires the beautiful scenery outside while Do-woo admires her delighted expression. Damn, I didn’t think I’d swoon this early.

Elsewhere, Hye-won strolls outside as she talks to Ji-eun over the phone. Hye-won asks if she knows who this “Hyo-eun’s Mom” is, making Ji-eun go wide-eyed. She calls Hyun-woo right after, wanting to confirm if that woman she’d seen on the balcony was Hyo-eun’s Mom.

Hyun-woo is his usual aloof self and doesn’t reveal much, but Ji-eun ignores him and rambles on that she should’ve done more to prevent Do-woo from marrying Hye-won when she gave off scary vibes.

Su-ah jumps at the sound of Suk’s voice and shoves herself away from the window to hide. Do-woo smiles at her like she’s the cutest thing in the world and scoots over to cover her from view. Suk comes up to Do-woo, wanting to share newly found information from the employee who’d left before Hye-won was hired.

Do-woo stops Suk there and tells him they’ll talk somewhere else, successfully driving him away for now. Once he’s gone, Do-woo leans in close to Su-ah and suggests she wait a while before coming out. Before he leaves, he asks with another dimpled smile, “Why might I be here?”

After some time, Su-ah heads out, pausing at the sight of her shoes, which Do-woo had neatly turned upright for her.

As she finds her way out, Su-ah notices she’s lost one of the buttons on her cardigan. Her eyes scan the ground until a friendly voice calls out to her. Grandma approaches her and begins tying a small intricate knot to replace the button.

With a quick hand, Grandma finishes the knot and sews it onto Su-ah’s cardigan. Su-ah praises Grandma for her skill and gives her a grateful smile. They exchange their goodbyes, but the sight of Su-ah closing the gate makes Grandma frown.

The image sets off a series of flashbacks. We see that Grandma had met Annie over a lost button as well. Grandma then saw a man hiding behind the gate and Annie hesitantly approaching Hye-won as if for the first time. And then later, Do-woo and Hye-won had brought Annie in to greet Grandma. Grandma had told the girl that they’d seen each other before, but Annie forced a smile, claiming this was their first meeting.

To make things even stranger, Suk informs Do-woo that there is no registered marriage and no Eun-woo listed in Hye-won’s files. Do-woo can’t seem to process this, so Suk looks him in the eye, asking, “Do you trust Hye-won?”

Grandma Young-sook babysits Hyo-eun as she plays soccer with friends. When the ball comes Young-sook’s way, she trips while trying to kick it, sending her straight to the hospital. Hah, Hyo-eun diligently works on her homework on Young-sook’s hospital bed while Young-sook watches.

Su-ah stands apologetically to the side, though Young-sook insists it’s not her fault since she was at work. For now, Young-sook is most concerned about the salary account they agreed on, which Su-ah forgot to take care of.

Su-ah then walks Hyo-eun to her tutoring class, but Hyo-eun refuses to go. Su-ah argues she should go if she feels guilty towards Young-sook. Hyo-eun argues right back that Su-ah should feel guilty too, since she obviously wasn’t working with the outfit she has on. She tells her mom to lie properly next time and stalks off.

Hye-won’s business friend meets with Do-woo to explain that the sponsorship given to him by Ji-eun’s mom will soon be cancelled, including the sponsorship of his office space. Hyun-woo reminds Do-woo that Ji-eun has always been reckless, so there’s no point in hearing her out.

On that subject, Hyun-woo also brings up the fact that Ji-eun called about Su-ah. And that Hye-won knows about her. Do-woo’s face falls.

Jin-suk and crew ready for their return to Korea. On the plane, Mi-jin deals with an angry passenger yelling for a blanket he can’t have until takeoff. The passenger won’t accept Mi-jin’s apologies, wanting the captain to come out and apologize instead. The guy’s about to lose it when Jin-suk surprisingly does step out to apologize. It shocks Mi-jin and the other flight attendants since he’s never done this before, though it finally gets the passenger to quiet down.

Later, Mi-jin visits the cockpit to deliver coffee and to thank Jin-suk for saving her back there. And when she asks if he and his co-pilot want anything special to eat, Jin-suk just looks ahead and smirks. I really don’t like that look…

On the way home, Do-woo runs into Hye-won. She’s heard about the sponsorship getting cancelled and she’d like it if he didn’t continue his work with Ji-eun anymore.

Do-woo becomes defensive, but Hye-won is tired of hearing the same old thing over and over again. Do-woo searches her face as he asks, “Why did you start this work? This work with my family, I mean.” Hye-won’s silence only furthers Do-woo’s uneasiness. He remembers Suk questioning if he really trusted Hye-won, and right now, it looks like he doesn’t.

He walks away from her, and from the looks of it, Hye-won is looking pretty uneasy too. Maybe even scared.

Still at the hospital, Young-sook instructs Su-ah over the phone on how to take care of small household tasks. Su-ah obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing, but she listens to every word her mother-in-law says.

While she searches for Young-sook’s bank book, Su-ah comes across her wedding photo with Jin-suk. She stares at it emptily and moves it aside, smiling instead at the baby photos of Hyo-eun underneath. She wears the same smile as she gladly welcomes Hyo-eun home that night.

Both Su-ah and Do-woo go about the rest of their night, both alone, both thinking about the three conditions they’d promised to keep. In honor of that, Do-woo sends her a simple “Sleep well” text and smiles when she replies the exact same thing. But they can’t allow even those words for themselves – they both delete the exchange from their phones.

That morning, Grandma expresses to everyone that she no longer wishes to use her name. She’d rather watch others continue her work. Hye-won suggests having Do-woo run the business, earning some side-eye from him. Do-woo tells his mother it’d be hard on him, but Hye-won could certainly play an important role. Hye-won looks mighty uncomfortable now.

Grandma doesn’t notice this and casually brings up her first memory of meeting Annie and sewing her a new button. She remembers seeing a man with her who could’ve been her dad. Do-woo and Suk’s eyes widen at that, but Hye-won quickly states that that girl couldn’t have been Annie. Grandma nods, thinking it must’ve been her memory wishing for that girl to have been Annie.

Hye-won pulls Do-woo aside, telling him it would be unlikely for his mother to give her work without him in the picture. “You asked me why I started this work, right? It was because of your mother. Because of Master Go Eun-hee’s work.” For Hye-won, this is work she truly loves and she hates that it’s so underappreciated by the public.

“I believe you,” Do-woo says, “I believe in your sincerity towards my mother. If I didn’t believe even that, I wouldn’t be able to hold onto you.” But Hye-won can see his doubt and she acts hurt that he still doesn’t trust her about Annie’s biological father.

Do-woo isn’t willing to let it go – if what Hye-won said is the truth and this father doesn’t exist, then what happens to the Annie Do-woo believed in? He lost her once and he doesn’t want to lose her again this way. He requests that Hye-won concede a bit.

The stress getting to him, Do-woo texts Su-ah and asks what she saved his name as on her phone. He smiles to learn that she nicknamed him “Airport,” after the place they first met. He decides to nickname her as the place that comes second to the airport. A place they could coincidentally meet.

He tells Su-ah he’s heading to that location now, so she hurries out from her grocery shopping and replies that she’ll head there too. Do-woo: “Then, will we meet coincidentally again?”

Meanwhile, Grandma visits Suk’s workshop, and while she doesn’t find Suk, she does find Hye-won’s employee files tucked away. She picks it up, her eyes scanning over the family relations. The contents seem to shake her so much that she grips her stomach in pain. Ahh! Grandma, no!

As it turns out, Su-ah and Do-woo don’t get their coincidental meeting. Su-ah ends up at the ornament shop and Do-woo ends up at the Han River. They text each other their current locations, figuring that these coincidental meetings could only happen once.

They sit and rest in their respective locations, only to discover that fate might’ve had something else in mind for them. Do-woo happens to be in the exact spot where Hyo-eun and Uncle Je-ah are playing soccer, and Su-ah happens to be right in front of Grandma’s room. Oh phew, Grandma’s okay.

Grandma invites Su-ah inside and takes a good look at her. Su-ah mentions that Grandma’s gaze reminds her of someone else. Grandma laughs at that and then asks Su-ah for a favor. As repayment for the button, she’d like Su-ah to buy her a bowl of red bean porridge.

Do-woo looks up at the sky, asking Annie if she feels it’s unfair that he said he’d believe Hye-won’s words over hers. He tells her to give him a good kick then. Like clockwork, Hyo-eun’s soccer ball rolls right up to Do-woo. He locks eyes with Hyo-eun with a smile.

The two sit together and catch up, Hyo-eun voicing her sadness over not getting to say goodbye to Annie when she’d tried to go to Seoul. Annie had wanted to go home all the time, but she never could, so Hyo-eun figured she wouldn’t actually go. This is news to Do-woo, and he’s shocked to hear just how much Annie missed him and everyone else.

Hyo-eun had assumed Annie couldn’t go back because of something scary like bullies, but Annie had responded cryptically with, “Do you know what’s really scary? Not being able to protect what’s precious to you. That’s what scares me the most.”

Do-woo trudges home, now realizing just how much Annie was keeping from him. And with a newfound fire in his eyes, he promises Annie that he’ll find out what she’d wanted to protect.

Grandma happily finishes the red bean porridge Su-ah bought for her. She tells Su-ah how her own grandmother had enjoyed the same dish right before passing away. Nooo, why are you saying this now?

Grandma repeats the phrase her grandmother had always told her – that before anyone dies, they always do one thing they know their loved ones will need. Su-ah smiles, remembering how Do-woo told her the same thing over the phone, though she doesn’t think much of it.

In return for the porridge, Grandma holds out a green bracelet similar to the bracelets Do-woo and Annie once had. She shakes her head when Su-ah holds out her wrist and motions her over. She ties the bracelet around Su-ah’s ankle instead, telling her to be good to her feet since she must always be traveling.

Grandma is suddenly hit with those same flashbacks of meeting Annie, and she wonders out loud why these images are coming to her. She turns to Su-ah and asks her to deliver a letter she left for her son. But first, she wants Su-ah to get Suk – Suk and no one else.

Su-ah runs out, but something makes her stop. She turns back towards the room just as we see the flashbacks all coming together for Grandma.

Annie had asked for a person named Kim Hye-won, pausing to look uncertainly at a man hiding behind her. Annie then approached Hye-won, telling her that her name was Eun-woo. Grandma concentrates on Hye-won’s lips moving now until she remembers Hye-won’s exact words: “You’re Eun-woo?” The memory is too overwhelming and Grandma’s eyes slowly close.

Su-ah manages to find Suk and gets him rushing over to Grandma’s room. Hye-won follows Suk, asking him if he’s seen Do-woo. Su-ah stops in her tracks. Her eyes follow Hye-won as it clicks with her memory of Do-woo’s wife in the bar. And then it clicks as to why Do-woo was here the other day.

Su-ah waits until she’s at home to confirm all of this. She calls the shop and starts to ask the intern if Grandma is related to Seo Do-woo when she hears someone else’s voice: host mom Mary.

Su-ah hears Mary tell the intern that Do-woo was expecting her, but she can’t contact him. The intern explains that Do-woo’s mother collapsed, and that’s all Su-ah needs to hear. She asks which hospital they’re staying in.

After checking on his mother, Do-woo finds Hye-won in the hallway talking on the phone. All of Do-woo’s suspicions come crashing in until he’s stuck with that same question Suk had brought up: Does he really believe Hye-won?

Hye-won hangs up to tell Do-woo that Ji-eun’s mom is on her way. Then she asks if they can try asking Grandma about expanding the business. Wha… are you serious?

Do-woo angrily throws the door open, showing Hye-won his frail, unconscious mother. It at least gets Hye-won to drop the subject for now.

Do-woo and Suk stay with Grandma all night, with Do-woo refusing to leave his mother’s side. He thanks Suk for finding her and for giving her the red bean porridge. “That wasn’t me,” Suk tells him. It’s then that Do-woo realizes that the last person his mother must’ve seen was none other than Su-ah. “Mother,” he says softly. “This person… Who is she?”

The next day, Su-ah gets Young-sook discharged from the hospital, but the second she stands up, Young-sook twists her ankle and collapses. Again. I really shouldn’t be laughing, but this woman cracks me up.

Su-ah suddenly leaps up, remembering the letter Grandma had left Do-woo. But… NO. No no no no! It’s too late. In Grandma’s room, we see the family huddled over her, tears in everyone’s eyes. She’s gone.

Su-ah runs straight to the funeral home, her heart sinking to see Grandma’s name listed under the deceased. She heads back out into the fresh air when she gets a call from “Airport.”

“What are you doing out in the rain?” Su-ah freezes at Do-woo’s voice. She frantically scans around her until she spots Do-woo sitting on a bench, looking right at her. At the same time, Mary spots Su-ah, calling out “Hyo-eun’s Mom!” and gaining Hye-won’s attention. But Su-ah can’t hear her – she can only concentrate on Do-woo now as she runs straight for him. It seems like miles for her, but she finally reaches him.

They just stare at each other, confirming that Grandma was Do-woo’s mother and that Su-ah was the one who’d given her the porridge. With a trembling voice, Do-woo thanks her. Su-ah can only cry, saying she doesn’t know how to comfort him. Do-woo answers that by desperately gripping her waist and releasing his sobs. Su-ah immediately wraps her arms around him, and they just stay like that, letting the tears fall as they hold on to each other.


Wait, wait – I need a moment to collect myself. I was so not ready to say goodbye to Grandma. Before this episode, I didn’t see any signs building up to her death, so that was an unexpected punch in the gut. She was such a comforting presence to have in the show and one of the few positive figures in Do-woo’s life. I’m heartbroken for Do-woo to have lost her like that, but I’ll accept it considering it’s a solid game-changer for our characters. After all, with the strong, magnetic pull our couple has toward each other, we knew the “three conditions” they’d agreed on wouldn’t last long.

Though I was screaming at Su-ah for running up to Do-woo and embracing him right out in the open, I was also sighing with relief. It totally could’ve been this overdrawn, over-dramatic moment that’s often typical in melodramas, but to my pleasant surprise, it felt more like a raw, emotional moment done just right. If we can forget about the adultery for a second (I know, I know – it’ll always be looming over our heads), it’s been made perfectly clear that these two truly care for one another, so I would’ve been a lot angrier if Su-ah hadn’t comforted Do-woo right then. I liked that she wasn’t thinking about Hye-won or Jin-suk or anything else around her other than the fact that someone she cared about was in pain. Augh, that was such a good scene. Except now I’m terrified of what will happen if Hye-won catches them.

I, for one, cannot believe the way Hye-won acted before and after Grandma’s death. At first, the character of Hye-won seemed broken, then she seemed chilling, and now I’m afraid she may be somewhat dangerous. She’s always been unstable, but now that we have a better idea of what her real motives are, there’s no telling what she might do to get what she wants. Now I’m just wondering if she really used Annie as a way to get herself to where she is today with her career. Is Annie even her real daughter? Each time Hye-won has to emphasize over and over that she’s the “birth mother,” I begin to believe her less and less. With all the lies she’s managed to hide under so far, I think she’s certainly capable of a lie like that.

I’m still trying to piece together Grandma’s fragmented memories though. One theory I have is that Hye-won is the birth mother and that she left Annie with the father very early on. That would explain why Hye-won didn’t immediately recognize her in Grandma’s memory, but why did she accept Annie at that time? Why did the father – if he is the father – look so scared? We’re getting more pieces to this puzzle, but it’s still not enough to get the big picture.

All I know is that I want Hye-won as far away from Do-woo as possible. After learning how calculated this woman might be, their relationship feels more like a manipulated business partnership than a marriage. Despite all of that, I still wanted her to give Do-woo some sort of comfort. Anything – a hand on the shoulder, an “It’ll be okay,” something. But instead, she just acted as if the business was the most important thing right then. Even with the death scene, her tears felt like they were more for selfish reasons than for actual sadness. That may be stretching it, but that’s just how it came across to me.

Now I’m more enraged that Do-woo and Su-ah married the wrong people. Looking at our couple, and at so many couples out there, it’s easy to judge, to point fingers, and to call what they have wrong. But there’s one question to keep in mind: Why did they gravitate towards each other in the first place? Because there was already something wrong with their marriages. They simply didn’t realize something was wrong until tragedy occurred with Annie’s death. The biggest problem I noticed was the kids. We knew early on that Do-woo had a deep attachment to Annie and that Su-ah had a similar bond with Hyo-eun. The way Su-ah reacted to the wedding and baby photographs was very telling, and it told me that Hyo-eun is the main reason why she’s holding on to her marriage. Children can often be the deciding factor between reconciliation and divorce, but there are certain situations where the family staying together isn’t healthy for the couple or the children.

And if Jin-suk really is the player the drama’s making him out to be, I want my divorce papers and I want them soon. Would I be crazy to still be wishing for two clean-cut divorces and a new happy family with just Do-woo, Su-ah, and Hyo-eun?