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Memory (Korean Drama) Episode 13 SUB

Memory (Korean Drama) Episode 13

Park Tae-seok, a lawyer working for a law firm is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The drama depicts his vigorous efforts trying to protect the precious value of one’s life and family love, while his memory starts fading away.

This isn’t supposed to happen to someone so young. Park Tae Suk (Lee Sung Min) is in his 40s and at the peak of his professional career as a powerful high-profile attorney with a major law firm. His ruthless tactics to do everything he can for his elite clients upsets his new junior associate, Jeong Jin (Lee Joon Ho), who nonetheless is forced to work with him for fear of facing financial penalties if he breaks his new employment contract with the firm. But Tae Suk’s legal mind is unrivaled and legendary in professional circles, and he is recognized wherever he goes and sought-after by wealthy clients. Tae Suk has clawed his way to the top from humble beginnings and has had to overcome the death of his first son with Na Eun Sun (Park Jin Hee), who is now a judge and his ex-wife. Tae Suk is married to Seo Yeong Joo (Kim Ji Soo), who feels neglected because of his demanding job, and has two children, Jung Woo (Nam Da Reum) and Yeon Woo (Kang Ji Woo). Tae Suk’s high-flying life hits a major speed bump one day when he discovers that he has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Symptoms had already started manifesting itself in his daily routine when he keeps forgetting his wallet, his cellphone and places he needs to go. With the help of his trusty assistant, Bong Sun Hwa (Yoon So Hee), and Jin, can Tae Suk protect his professional reputation and the family that he loves before his precious memory starts to fade? “Memory” is a 2016 South Korean drama series directed by Park Chan Hong.

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2016-03-18 to 2016-05-07