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The K2 Episode 10 RECAP

Ensuring Anna’s safety will be even more important this hour when nearly everyone around her is preparing for battle. Everything may be fair in love and war, but it’ll take everything in Je-ha’s arsenal to keep her out of the crossfire. When this world is full of people who are eager to use her for their own benefit, she’ll have one bodyguard who will shield her from any attack no matter what.


Je-ha’s fingers are clasped around the door handle when Anna’s voice transmits through the walkie-talkie. He leaps across the room in silence, nearly hurting himself before picking up in an even voice.

She says he forgot to tell her goodnight, so he does. Content, she tells the radio to sleep well, as he does the same.

Mi-ran applies makeup on Anna’s face the next morning, and giggles that Anna needs to have her first kiss too. Recalling how Je-ha administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation following her allergy attack, Anna says she’s already been kissed.

Anna pouts while Mi-ran laughs at how that doesn’t count as a kiss—why, she was even kissed yesterday. Curious, Anna clings to that slip-up, and Mi-ran quickly changes the subject, explaining how she let Anna have Je-ha.

Anna rolls her eyes at that, and Mi-ran smiles that they’ll apply some lipstick that make her lips magically kissable. She runs out looking for Je-ha, and looks disheartened when she’s told that he left early this morning.

What she doesn’t know is why, as we hear the housekeeper recall how Je-ha had planned to meet Yoo-jin so she wouldn’t hunt Anna down anymore.

We see Je-ha get out of his car for a smoke when he’s sent a selca of Anna looking dolled up. He scoffs, and the text is quickly followed up with a call from Anna herself, who anxiously asks for his opinion.

She beams when he says she looks pretty and declares that he’s hers now. He’s initially puzzled and then sighs, telling her to think however she likes. She tells him to stay safe today, and he replies that he will.

He meets Yoo-jin outside her home and rides along in the car, where she asks if Anna likes her new situation. He answers “yes”, but when she asks when they’ll return, he says nothing, which infuriates her.

Secretary Kim later reminds Yoo-jin to keep her bubbling anger in check prior to her last interview regarding Anna. She’s already working on making sure the public forgets Anna soon enough.

Down in the parking lot, Chief Joo wonders what Sung-won may do next because he must know that Yoo-jin won’t let this current arrangement continue if her husband is elected. Which is why Chief Joo believes that Anna isn’t a shield to Sung-won, but a sword he can use to strike Yoo-jin.

Anna is makeup-free when she greets Sung-won, who hands her the case files regarding her mother’s death. During her TV interview, Yoo-jin is asked how she became Anna’s guardian. She explains how she and Anna’s mother became friends while she was working at JB Group and the latter was a commercial model for the company.

Anna’s mother had met her future husband, Director Go, at JB Group since the company had been producing one of his projects. Yoo-jin thinks calling herself a matchmaker would be a stretch, but she feels as if she’s the reason why those two had gotten married.

The interviewer picks up on that note of guilt, asking if it was because the marriage didn’t last. Emotions well up in Yoo-jin’s voice as she confirms it and tearfully nods that was why she later took Anna in.

Seeing those tears, the interviewer pauses for a commercial break. Yoo-jin stiffens and turns off her mic to remark how it would’ve been better to keep going, to which the host returns a casual apology, knowing how difficult it must’ve been for Yoo-jin to wring out those tears.

But then the host does a little fact check—to her knowledge Yoo-jin was studying overseas during the time she claimed to have been working at JB Group. While the makeup artist fixes her makeup, Yoo-jin softly answers she came back to Korea from time to time.

And to that, the host says her brother-in-law was at JB Group at the time, and even he couldn’t corroborate her story. Yoo-jin returns that an ordinary employee couldn’t have known, and the host answers, “He was a president there.” Oh my damn.

The host doesn’t bat an eyelash when Yoo-jin suggests that they stick to the script—her son is currently overseas, thus Yoo-jin won’t be able to use him to manipulate her. And this time, she’ll get the last word: “Will my son be separated from his mother and wander alone in this world for ten years?”

On that note, the host continues the interview, noting how Yoo-jin must’ve kept in touch with Anna’s mother, Um Hye-rin, following her divorce and return to Korea. It takes a few moments for Yoo-jin to snap out of her daze and formulate an answer about how much it pained her to see Hye-rin so distraught.

Her words get caught in her throat when Yoo-jin speaks of Hye-rin’s death. She confirms that Anna has been her ward since then, and that Hye-rin did not know the fashion designer who is currently searching for Anna.

Noting how it’s a pity Anna isn’t present, the host points out how Yoo-jin described how Anna was a “sick child.” Yoo-jin affirms that statement, describing how Anna is unable to even leave the house because of her social aversion and panic disorder. Uh oh, I see where this conversation is going.

It’s at that moment the host invites Anna to join them on stage. Yoo-jin’s eyes widen as she sees Anna walk in with Sung-won, who exchange nods with the host. Je-ha appears worried, but Anna boldly walks to the stage.

The crew has dimmed the lights for Anna’s benefit, and the interview continues. Anna explains how she knew who the designer was, but she had no idea he was looking for her. She claims her mother had brought up his name from time to time, because the fashion designer was one of her mother’s friends.

But this version of the story doesn’t match with Yoo-jin’s earlier claims, and Yoo-jin can’t come up with a defense. They watch a video message from the designer himself who speaks of how much Anna looked like his former muse: her late mother. He belatedly learned of the mother-daughter connection, and asks Anna to be his new muse so he can make her a star.

Anna surprises everyone with her answer that she won’t be traveling abroad anytime soon. Her priorities are to treat her panic disorder and take care of business here first. When asked what that is, Anna turns to a tense and silent Yoo-jin, then answers that she plans on cracking the case regarding her mother’s death.

Rather than a refusal to acknowledge her mother’s death as suicide, Anna would like to know the reasons why her case was ruled as such. Her mother was still a popular celebrity at the time, and they were supposed to leave for the States. She had even prepared a passport for her, but she had died that night and hadn’t left behind a suicide note.

Sung-won appears satisfied with the interview and turns to leave while the host asks if Yoo-jin has any information to offer Anna since she and her mother were close friends.

Yoo-jin can’t think of anything, so Anna turns to the camera and makes a public plea, asking for any and all information regarding her mother’s death.

That gets people questioning the case, and afterward, Je-ha confronts Anna for putting herself in her enemies’ direct line of fire. He wonders if Sung-won was responsible for the surprise appearance, but Anna claims that the idea was hers and Sung-won had tried to persuade her not to. Oh, Sung-won, how sneaky of you.

Once they’re alone, Je-ha’s voice softens to concern. Anna says Sung-won will help her get back at Yoo-jin, and Je-ha will be there to protect her.

Needless to say Yoo-jin is still shaking when she returns to the dressing room. She admits that she must’ve miscalculated and that she should’ve listened to Secretary Kim’s suggestion of killing Anna when they had the chance.

As Je-ha reads over the case documents, Anna explains how her mother actually died a painful death because her nails were broken when they found her. CEO Gook meets with the police commissioner who says how the tables have turned against Se-joon now. He whispers the shocking reason to CEO Gook, though we’re not privy to hear it yet.

Both Anna and Yoo-jin get made up in separate salons. Secretary Kim reassures Yoo-jin that she’ll take care of things before she meets Se-joon later that evening, but Yoo-jin decides that it’s best not to strike Je-ha for now—they’ll find a use for him later. She wistfully adds that he still has the email.

While Anna is busy being attended to, Je-ha chats with Sung-won. He remarks on how all company chairmen must have a lot of free time on their hands, to which Sung-won chuckles that his employees are the ones making the money.

People like him are busy fighting wars over castles they’ve built and stolen from one another. He describes it as a vicious, never-ending cycle of battles and conquering and battling some more, which prompts Je-ha to retort that Chief Joo was right that Sung-won is using Anna like a weapon.

Sung-won is impressed and cheerily confirms that he’s correct; however, he doesn’t see anything wrong with helping Anna get her revenge if that means he gets to keep JB Group. He laughs when Je-ha accuses him of deliberately handing over case documents that contain graphic crime scene photos to a girl prone to panic attacks.

He reminds Je-ha that the woman he loves is no longer a child. Je-ha retorts that Sung-won must not know his noona at all, because he would never have brought Anna to the studio if he did.

Midway through Anna’s photoshoot, the photographer informs Sung-won that he’s limited without the use of flash. So Sung-won sends everyone away for lunch, and gives Anna some anti-anxiety drugs prescribed by Doctor Lee.

He claims the medication will kick in about an hour’s time, which should hopefully allow them to use flash photography. Having overheard the exchange, Je-ha examines the bottle and says she shouldn’t be receiving medication directly from her doctor instead of Sung-won.

But Anna trusts that Sung-won wouldn’t give her anything dangerous and hopes that the drugs will work. Oh honey.

As Sung-won and the photographer’s crew leaves the building, a delivery man pulls up with a flower basket for Anna. He takes down the guards when he’s denied entry, then signals the other men inside.

Je-ha doubles back when he sees the men carrying in trunks containing gas masks and other equipment. He sees the men release anesthetic gas into the air, and he’s unable to get through to anyone since those men have disabled the wireless service within the building.

He hurries back to Anna and instructs her to escape through the ducts. She refuses to leave him behind, but he reminds her that he can fight his way out of this building. He’ll be at a disadvantage if she stays since he’ll need to protect her, but Anna argues that he’ll be useless against the gas anyway.

He sees the gas nearby, but Anna continues to protest, so he begs her to leave first lest they both die. Anna relents, and he sends her up through the air duct while the room continues to fill up with gas.

Thankfully Je-ha is able to use the landline to call Secretary Kim, and when she says Yoo-jin is busy, he realizes that it was her. Secretary Kim has no reason to call those men off since she neither likes Je-ha nor cares for Se-joon.

Everything was going according to plan until Je-ha showed up on the scene and threw everything into chaos, she continues. Now it’s time to place everyone back in their rightful place.

Je-ha manages to tell Secretary Kim that he’ll be coming for her before the line goes dead. He hides in the corner until the men in gas masks show up, then takes them down one at a time.

He swipes one of the gas masks and marches toward the next group of masked men who wield knives. He avoids their oncoming swipes, but his mask is ripped off of his face. Coughing, he waits for a masked man to attack, and avoids their jabs and strikes.

Anna happens to see the fight from above as Je-ha takes a few punches before grabbing one man to use him as a launching pad for a flying kick. He knocks the knife out of his hand and removes his gas mask.

Je-ha wields a knife against the two other masked men, slashing one man’s arm and twirling the knife in his hand before slashing another arm. Unfortunately, he’s kicked down to the ground, and just as the man is about to strike, Anna appears behind him and takes down both men with a fire extinguisher.

She screams at Je-ha to come to while one man approaches her with a knife. She runs down the halls, hollering Je-ha’s name. She hides from her pursuer, but is unable to stifle a cough, and that gives away her position.

Just as her attack is about to turn the corner, Je-ha appears from behind and strangles him. He falls to the ground moments later, and Anna removes the gas mark and manages to put it on him before she too falls unconscious.

Seeing the small group of protesters outside the prosecutor’s office, Se-joon says it’s about time for his release. The prosecutor agrees, but instead of coming back to collect Se-joon, the prosecutor announces that the politician is subject to be investigated for a different crime.

Both Se-joon and Yoo-jin tense at the news while Representative Park laughs maniacally in his office.

Mi-ran and Sung-gyu find Je-ha and Anna in the building. Everyone is awake by the time Sung-won returns to the building, and Je-ha suggests that Anna be moved to the safe house since Secretary Kim wouldn’t dare to strike JSS.

He calls Chief Joo to fill him in while the group led by Yoo-jin heads down to the Cloud Nine sublevel to find out about Se-joon’s newest investigation. Incensed, she tells her legal team to do whatever they can to prevent an arrest, then follows up with her accountants to make sure the documents they handed over to the prosecutors were error-free.

She’s unable to get through to the presidential chief of staff, Chief Min, because he’s busy asking if Representative Park is trying to force the president’s hand. But Representative Park insists that he’s simply taking preventative measures against Se-joon, believing he shouldn’t join their political party.

He admits he is scared of an ordinary man like Se-joon trying to battle the political nobility. So what he’d like is for Chief Min to stay out of sight until the election is over, at which point he’ll reserve a cushy position for Chief Min.

He hangs up to rejoin the celebratory party he’s holding for the other politicians he’s “saved” from the corruption case, welcoming them all back with open arms. Hearing that there are some younger politicians outside who would like to join in on the festivities, Representative Park instructs his secretary to set up a separate room for them.

Yoo-jin, meanwhile, tries to wrap her head around what Representative Park has up his sleeve. CEO Gook believes that Representative Park is using Chief Min to get to the president so that they can get an arrest warrant against Se-joon and drag on the case until the presidential election.

Even if they win the legal case, CEO Gook says they’ll lose their shot at the presidency. So what they need to do now is to attack Representative Park tonight. Yoo-jin questions whether or not that’s actually possible since the politician likely called upon the most elite bodyguards he could muster.

CEO Gook points out that they have someone even better than those men: Je-ha.

Speaking of whom, Je-ha sends the JSS agents to check out the safe house before collecting Anna. She confesses that she’s too scared, so Je-ha takes the blanket on her lap and covers them both with it.

Taking small steps together, Je-ha tells her to be careful since they can’t see what lies ahead of them. He turns to her to ask if she’s scared. She is, and their faces are mere inches apart. He gulps at the close proximity… and then her stomach growls. Je-ha: “Are you hungry?” Way to kill the mood, dude.

She asks if that was her, and he says it was. Feeling awkward, she says she was just surprised, and then declines his offer to make her ramyun. Je-ha: “Then why is your stomach making noises?”

She insists that her stomach is fine, and then they both trip on the steps. They walk for a few more seconds before he asks if she’s okay now. Anna says she’s still a bit scared, and Je-ha’s face draws nearer for a moment before he turns away and they both trip again.

He reaches for the door and once they’re inside, he asks what she wants to eat most. She thinks about it for a moment, then says she doesn’t know. They take a few more steps together before Je-ha says they’ve arrived. Anna: “Already?”

Je-ha asks if she’s still scared. She murmurs in agreement, and he swoops in to kiss her. In the kitchen, Mi-ran squeals when she realizes what the lovebirds are doing. Sung-gyu protects her when the housekeeper scolds her, only to be scolded himself. Lol.

Over at Cloud Nine, Chief Joo that the best attack is one when the enemy least expects it. But Representative Park will expect them to retaliate tonight, which makes their chances of success slim, even for someone as skilled as Je-ha.

But it seems Yoo-jin is willing to act on that sliver of success because Je-ha answers the call on the condition that the safe house is protected. He tells Anna that he’ll be back, but Anna knows that means he’s headed for danger. She tells him not to go and embraces him.

Je-ha leaves anyway, and sits with Cloud Nine to learn that while he has a chance to assassinate Representative Park, it’s unlikely he’ll return alive.

He agrees to do it, but he has several conditions. Yoo-jin braces herself before hearing the first: he wants Secretary Kim’s head. Secretary Kim agrees to that, but has a condition of her own: Je-ha needs to off Representative Park first.

All parties agree that the deal is a fair one, and Je-ha names his next condition: Yoo-jin will promise to leave Anna alone. If Yoo-jin does that, he’ll persuade Anna to stay out of her way. Yoo-jin agrees to that.

Je-ha says he’d like reinforcements so that he isn’t the only one taking all the blows. CEO Gook agrees and asks if they can’t have the email Je-ha is holding hostage. But Yoo-jin says they don’t need it, since they’ll be done for anyway if Je-ha doesn’t succeed.

Everyone but Je-ha is dismissed, and Yoo-jin says affectionately, “Je-ha-yah. You can turn back if you think the situation is too dangerous.” He asks where this sudden concern is coming from, but she needn’t worry—he got rid of that email long ago.

“Je-ha-yah…” she repeats. Je-ha walks up to her and says, “I believe you’re someone who upholds her promises.”

Anna calls him just before the agents move out, and asks that he bring back some ddukbokki later. Tears well up in her eyes as she says it’s okay if it’ll be late, and refuses to let anyone eat some besides them.

Secretary Kim calls Team Leader Seo to issue an additional order: regardless of how tonight’s assassination goes, Je-ha must be taken out and his phone must be confiscated.

At the same time, Je-ha jokes that he’ll need to pick up the food if he wants to stay alive. Anna tells him to come back alive. “That’s an order.”

Je-ha: “I’ll make sure to come back to you.”


Not if Secretary Kim has her way, that is. I know I should feel a greater sense of dread about Je-ha being thrown into the front lines of this mission, but I’m also reminded that we simply can’t lose a hero three weeks to the end. I do, however, fear that he might come dangerously close since the phrase, “I’ll be right back” is every hero’s parting words before he enters a fight he might not win.

Still, Je-ha hasn’t been beaten yet, especially when it comes to protecting those whom he holds dear. Now Anna is on the top of that list, and he’ll do anything it takes to come back and protect her from the wolves that are eager to devour her. Even if that means asking for Secretary Kim whose loyalty to Yoo-jin has never wavered. We’ve previously seen just how far that loyalty goes, from escorting a young Anna to the airport to offering to have Anna killed and even now, ordering that Je-ha be done away with. Despite all the evil deeds she’s carried out for her boss, she hasn’t shown an interest in trying to take a cut of the ambitious pie herself, instead sticking to Yoo-jin’s side like glue. It makes me wonder if her actions are an extension of her sense of loyalty or a deeper sense of affection.

Even though it seems like we’ve been waiting a while since Representative Park found out about Je-ha, I do realize that only a few days have passed in this dramaverse. Seeing him take down Yoo-jin’s whole world and network in a matter of hours did pump in some tension into the story, though the execution was rather underwhelming knowing that all of that was magically orchestrated offscreen. Luckily for him, we have Yoo-jin to walk us through her crumbling world with her emotions, which have been on edge this week.

She’s been losing a lot of ground in this ongoing war, and her anger and fear threaten to boil over the thin mask she puts on to hide them. Although she knows that Je-ha would do anything to protect Anna, her final conversation with him proves that she wishes to protect him too. She breaks down the emotional distance by calling him “Je-ha-yah” and even gives him an out, even though his escape would mean losing everything she’s worked for.

These two characters have toed the line between business partners and friends from time to time, giving us some crackling acting chemistry. Although Je-ha is devoted to Anna now, Yoo-jin is willing to admit her attachment to him. I sometimes wonder if it’s almost romantic on her end since her husband doesn’t love her, but at the very least, she would feel threatened to lose her own protector.

Speaking of which, it is nice to see Anna looking out for Je-ha. He’s always been the one to protect her, but her concern for others extends to him too. Sure she’ll still refuse to leave his side in clear danger and is still too trusting with Sung-won, but the girl has gotten a proper first kiss now, so you know she’ll want him to come back for a second.